40 Days has December ©

I’m sitting in our library room at the old farmhouse in front of a warm fire listening to “Alexa” (Amazon’s smart device you simply talk to like a human to ask almost anything including whatever music you want to hear; my son ordered it about a year ago. What has the world come to?) play Christmas music. Pretty cozy!

Last week I went to Dr. Leitner for my annual eye exam. I was hoping he’d say that the cataracts I’ve developed had progressed enough to have them removed. No such luck, I guess I have to wait til they get worse before I have them removed; I still have 20/30 vision without any corrective devices so I don’t wear glasses of any kind. I know, I’m spoiled rotten……but at least I’m grateful for it!

When Dr Leitner first greeted me he said “November and December are my favorite months”, so much so that “…..They both should have 40 days”. I agreed with him; this is my favorite time of the year as well: no gnats, lots of friends, roast turkey, Christmas music and parades.

Speaking of Christmas music and parades, would you mind if I bragged on my family a little bit here? A couple months ago we decided to enter a Visiting Angels ® float in the Centerville Christmas parade, largely because it’s at night and it gives an opportunity for a more creative electrified float. So we all went to work in different directions to get ready for it:

  • One of my sons helped me rebuild an old farm wagon that was badly in need of new wooden sides and a fresh paint job.

  • My daughter in law bought just the right kind of twinkle and flood lights, huge inflatable snowmen (that’s the only kind you can have in GA you know), and banners for the wagon sides.

  • Another son got his restored 1982 Dodge Ram truck polished up to showroom condition to pull the wagon.

  • His father in law loaned us his quiet generator to power the lights and sound system

  • I got the wagon wheel bearings greased and towed it all the way up to Centerville……2 hours plus at 25 mph.

Finally it was time to load the grandkids in the back of the wagon to ride in the Christmas parade and throw candy out to the kids along the parade route (I wonder how much they ate themselves?). You could feel the excitement in the air as they waited for the Grand Marshall to start them on the parade route.

I went with another daughter in law to watch the parade from the sidelines and provide moral support while she babysat our youngest granddaughter. We waited as patiently as we could for our special Visiting Angels ® float to come by. Finally we could see it way off in the distance right behind the midget cars running around in circles. As it passed by we were busy snapping pictures and high fiving the kids who were having the time of their lives.

There’s just something magical about parades for kids young and old …..especially when your grandkids are riding in the float you helped prepare. I don’t know who had more fun…..them or me!

Yep, December ought to have 40 days!

If you want to see pictures of all this parading around go to www.facebook.com/VisitingAngelsMacon where my daughter in law has posted up pictures.

Thanks for reading All About Seniors…..see you next week!

Bill Milby, CSA, is a Certified Senior Advisor and a Director of Visiting Angels® of Macon, a non-medical, living assistance service for seniors. If you have questions or comments about this column you can reach him at william.mercylink@gmail.com

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