What a weekend! ©

Friday was the inauguration of our 45th president and all the festivities associated with that event. No matter what your political affiliation, one thing we can celebrate together is the peaceful transition of power that most of us seem to take for granted every four years. I’m so thankful to live in this wonderful USA!

Then Saturday, which we dedicate to worship and rest; wish I had figured this out earlier but better late than never I suppose.

And then there was Sunday…..what a day that was! Our normal routine is for my daughter in law to bring our three granddaughters for their piano lessons with my wife. But just as they were pulling in the driveway about 3:30, a NOAA weather alert was blaring out a Tornado Warning for Crisp and Wilcox counties (our farm is right on the border of those two counties).

I helped rush the girls into the house and we all (wife, daughter in law, three granddaughters, two sons and three dogs) slid under the new dining table I recently built……yes, it’s big! After securing all the doors and pulling drapes over the windows we pulled in a bunch of pillows as well.

There in our huddle we had several smart phones running the traps as well: some following the storm radar on Accuweather showing the center of the storm directly overhead, some taking pictures, some on Face book, and me monitoring the Falcons vs. Packers NFL Conference Championship game. I guess this might qualify for a new definition of “Channel Surfing”! Pictures are posted up at http://www.Facebook.com/VisitingAngelsMacon .

Well, after 15-20 minutes of being holed up on “The dogs’ side of the table (which they didn’t like by the way) the sun began to shine through the windows , the wind died down and we knew our prayers, as well as our Face book friends’ prayers, had been answered.

We all spit apart like a bunch of pool balls out of the queue: the girls went for their piano lessons, my daughter in law called her husband, the boys went somewhere, I put on my boots, took the dog and assessed the damage outside: not much around the farm but our little stream through the woods was like a river with rapids. What a beautiful sight after the drought we’ve had since the fall!

When we woke up this morning and heard the news reports of damage nearby, especially in Albany, GA., we realized how blessed we were to be spared from the ravages of that storm. In fact, the first call I got this morning was from Tommy Story’s State Farm office checking up on us to see if we were ok. Never had that happen before!

unnamed-7What a weekend!

Thanks for reading All About Seniors (and Praying)….See you next week!

PS ….Here’s the diet report (Sorry I missed reporting last week….slipped my mind): Started Jan 1 at 172.0#; this morning, Jan 23rd at 167.8#…..and clothes starting to fit a little better.

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