ER’s….. Hate ‘em or Love ‘em? ©

Well, this was the week of the ER for our family. After the flu went through our two adult sons, wives and five grandchildren in public schools (and at least five of their teachers as well), it finally hit like a vengeance on my “Iron Man” son, the Army combat medic. Or did it?
This guy who is the model of health to us all and reprimands any of us who dare eat anything unhealthy, went down in writhing pain to the point that we had no choice but to take him to the local ER. We first tried the Urgent Care stop but after hearing the circumstances they sent him to the ER.
We’ve all heard stories about the ER that make us never want to go…..until we need to that is. I’m sure that most of you have pushed back about going to the ER until the pain or whatever was ailing you or your loved one got so unbearable that you said “Let’s go”! I’ve been there several times myself.
So how do we really feel about these ER’s? When you or your loved one is well enough to go home and all they can tell you to do is “Wait”, you hate ‘em, right?
Well, not so fast. This is just another area where we Americans are simply spoiled rotten. Most of us live within minutes of an ER and a pretty good hospital as well. But it’s not just the facility. It’s the people who staff it 24/7/365 to look out after our every medical need no matter what or when, who really make the difference. They are real heroes in my book!
While we were waiting on some CAT Scan results, my son and I had some time to reflect on the wonderful facility, equipment and staff who were looking after him and to compare it to what he recently experienced in Afghanistan and in Africa where he has recently served himself. “No comparison, Dad. A lot of those people are lucky to get an aspirin when they need it”
And I get the same story from my daughter who organizes medical mission trips to Africa. Children who die of dysentery or succumb to blindness for lack of clean water or simple Rx’s that you and I take for granted.
So, let us not take these ER facilities or the people who serve us so selflessly 24/7/365 for granted next time we must go to the ER ourselves or take a loved one. They are truly lifesavers!
Back to my son’s CAT Scan. The doctor said it showed something more than just the flu. He gave it a name I can’t even pronounce and said “You need to stay with us awhile”. For all the pain, he had been through my son was actually relieved to get a diagnosis that is was something more than “Just the flu”!

But that was a couple days ago; now and he’s climbing the walls to get out. How quickly our feelings change when our circumstances do!
I hope you don’t need and ER any time soon. But when you do, remember to “love ‘em”

Thanks for reading All About Seniors…..See you next week!

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