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unnamed (1)Over the weekend we installed a tree swing for our granddaughter, Ellie. She was staying with us for the weekend while her big sister, Abby, was preparing for her spring dance recital and her middle sister, Reagan, had her last two soccer games of the season; a big weekend indeed for Ellie’s big sisters. But Ellie was more than content in her new swing which is what I want to talk about in today’s column.
We’ve had an infant swing stored in our well building for months but I just couldn’t seem to find the right place to put it. I must confess that I’ve almost tossed it out several times just to get rid of some clutter. But this past weekend my wife was inspired to plant a new garden in the side yard in what used to be an old fish pond (which made a “Silk purse out of an old “sow’s ear” as the saying goes) and that in turn inspired her to find just the right place for Ellie’s swing.
With the help of Ellie’s Uncle Max, my wife got the swing mounted under a shady tree in the side yard and they were in business. Ellie was all smiles as her nanny pushed her gently under the shady tree (I’ve posted a video of this as well as pictures of the garden if you just click on the Facebook page at the end of this column). The sight of Bess pushing Ellie brought back a flood of memories to me of my dad that I wouldn’t trade for anything.
When we were living in our very first house on Cater Circle in Perry, GA. back in the 70’s, we had a tree swing where my dad used to spend untold hours pushing our only daughter. In fact, the tree was in a hedgerow that separated our lot from Granny and PeePaw Ellis’ lot. It was hard to tell who liked the swing the most, my daughter, Karen, my dad or PeePaw . All I know is that it seemed to be the favorite place for all three of them and I don’t even need a Kodak® album to pull up pictures of them; they’re indelibly etched in my mind.
Perhaps you’ve heard the same fishermen’s tale that I have: “The gods do not deduct from man’s allotted span the hours spent in fishing”. If that’s true, then surely there’s a corollary that says the same about pushing grandchildren on a swing.
Well, that may not be good theology but it makes for a memorable line to go with a memorable experience. And memorable experiences for my grandchildren are part of what drives me these days. With so much bad stuff surrounding our grandchildren just about everywhere they look or go, it’s incumbent on us to treat them to the finer, more wholesome things in life. What could be more wholesome than an old tree swing? All you need to get started is a tree, some rope and an old tire! I hope the memories you make with your grandchildren are as wonderful as the ones I have with my dad, PeePaw, and my daughter. Now we have a new swing at the farm for Ellie, Josh and Clara.
What’s stopping you?
Thanks for reading All About Seniors…..see you next week!
Bill Milby, CSA, is a Certified Senior Advisor and a Director of Visiting Angels® of Macon, a non-medical, living assistance service for seniors. If you have questions or comments about this column you can reach him at william.mercylink@gmail.com or search for us at http://www.facebook.com/VisitingAngelsofCentralGA

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  1. Swinging can heal a multitude of emotional issues as well as some physical ones, or at least temporarily distract from them. I’m glad you didn’t throw it out.


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