Let’s make the bed together ©

The title of today’s column is a request my wife made to me a month or so ago that immediately resonated with me as a subject for this column; I told her so at the time and she gave me a quizzical kind of look. So I’ll share what struck a chord with me.

But first, a shout out to the Houston Home Journal and Cordele Dispatch for giving me this platform to share with you these thoughts. If it weren’t for that, my wife’s comment probably would have sailed right over my head. But this column makes me keep my antenna up for the “hidden” blessings of life; and this is one of them!

So please let me unpack my wife’s request a little bit at a time here.

I’ll start with the last work, “TOGETHER”. That means I’m not alone! I get to share life every day with my best friend. Not only that she loves me and the feeling is very mutual, even after 49+ years. With divorce rates being what they are today, that’s no small accomplishment; if fact, it’s one to celebrate which is exactly what I’m doing here!

She said “Let’s MAKE….” which meant that we woke up this morning, we’re healthy enough to be up and about and we’re exercising our free will, even if it is making the bed. As an aside here I’ll share with you that most mornings I’m up first and brewing a fresh pot of coffee which is at the top of my To Do list. And my bride is my first customer, usually before she even gets out of bed. It’s one of her little pleasures and I love to indulge her. Of course I had to wait ’til she finished her coffee before she was ready to make the bed.

Then as we were making the bed together it dawned on me that we SLEPT in it together. We got a wonderful night’s rest in a comfortable bed in a safe place that we call home; what a beautiful word that is: HOME! Neither one of us was alone. I realize that many of the readers of this column are alone having already lost their spouse. I admit have not walked in your shoes, but I would throw out this challenge: when the loneliness hits hard, hearken back to the years you did have together and embrace those cherished memories.

Finally, we got to SLEEP together! Hollywood seems to think that only young people like to sleep together; apparently they don’t have many seniors out there to tell them otherwise or if they do they don’t think they can make a profit showing a couple seniors enjoying the passions of embracing each other. Somebody needs to tell them what they’re missing. Sharing a bed together is not just for the young, is it?!

Well, have I made my point yet? Do you understand why the thought of “Making the bed together” with my wife struck me when she said it? I hope so!

So, guys, if your wife asks you to help her make the bed, don’t look up with a sneer over your newspaper; remember that you got to sleep in it with her last night and start stretching those sheets with her. It might help awaken your imagination to the first time you got to sleep with her. Who knows what might happen tonight?!

Thanks for reading All About Seniors…..see you next week!

Bill Milby is a Director of Visiting Angels® of Central Georgia, a non-medical, living assistance service for seniors. If you have questions or comments about this column you can reach him at william.mercylink@gmail.com

Photo credit – homebnc.com

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