Care Giver appreciation Logs ©

I just came in from the woods where I was asked to slice up some logs to serve as center piece bases for candles and decorations for the tables at our Giver Appreciation banquet at Visiting Angels.

This is our 5th annual CG appreciation event and each year we try to make it a bit more special than the last. It was a perfect fall morning for it but my chain saw wouldn’t crank so I decided to take a break from pulling the rope and come write about it before I needed a Care Giver to rescue me from the woods.

The banquet, which we plan for, and save for all year long, is a very special event where we recognize Care Givers not only for their years of service but for out of the ordinary acts of service as well. Often times these special acts of service, as they’re introduced by my sons, come with lots of laughs and sometimes with lots of tears for the most sacrificial service you can imagine. It is a great time of celebration that we all work on and look forward to not only for our Care Givers but also for their clients as well, if they’re able to attend. I wish all of you readers could attend sometime too so you could experience it firsthand.

But, that’s the business side of Care Giving. What about the personal side? Who is your Care Giver? You might be tempted to say “I don’t have one” or maybe even, “I don’t need one”. If you’re in a position to even let those thoughts cross your mind, you are fortunate indeed but I’d still disagree with you.

Why? Because none of us lives this life alone without Care Givers ministering life and love into our lives. I know I’m writhing to a very mixed audience of readers right now; some are still happily married, some just barely married , some widowed , some never having been married and a whole continuum of situations that run the gamete of life.

I am one of the most fortunate of all; my Care Giver is still my wife. 601 months ago today (50 years and one month) we stood before an alter together and pledged to care for each other “For better or worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part”. So far, we’ve experienced some of all the above and we’ve managed to keep that pledge to each other through it all. I cannot even imagine doing life without her.

Whoever is your Cage Giver, whether your spouse, one of our Visiting Angels, or the waitress at Cracker Barrel, I hope you’ll appreciate them for the way they serve you and make your life more comfortable each and every day.

I’ve got to run now and get that chainsaw cranked up to cut those centerpiece logs for the banquet before I get in trouble with the boss.

Thanks for reading All About Seniors…..see you next week!

Bill Milby is a Director of Visiting Angels® of Central Georgia, a non-medical, living assistance service for seniors. If you have questions or comments about this column you can reach him at

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